2014 Summer 300 Running Times

We run 300’s for two main reasons.

1-It teaches the boys to push themselves and each other to get better individually. This translates to working hard on their own outside of practice, not just on lacrosse but also school. It shows them that if they push themselves and put the extra work in they can reach their goals. We break them into 3 groups based on times. This is done to further help them push each other as a team and motivate those not in the top group to try to get there.

2-It helps bond them further as a team. Having run 300’s ourselves, we know how much they suck, but since everyone is going through the same process its brings the team closer.

We run 3 sets every practice, we do this because we want the average of the 3 sets. That is the time posted below.

College level is an average in the mid 40’s to low 50’s. We tell the boys to shoot for under a minute.

If your son is not listed, then they did no run the latest set of 300’s.

As of 6-14-14

5/6 Black Team

First Name Last Name Average
Al Munro 0:54
Timmy Russell 0:54
Kento Sato 0:55
Greg Holmes 0:56
Peter Stanley 0:57
Hunter Pick 0:58
Frankie Falco 1:01
Vincent Bassolino 1:03
Jason Ciccone 1:03
Gabe Izakson 1:04
Danny Calderon 1:05
Frankie Gagliano 1:07
Will Allen 1:07
Jack Savalli 1:09
Max Newman 1:09
Nick Donarumma 1:10
Ryan Aljader 1:14

5/6 Red Team

First Name Last Name Average
Luke Moskowski 1:15
Shane Stein 1:17
Eric Giannaris 1:20
Joe DeNicola 1:25
Maxx Lao 1:32
Bryan Walker 2:05

7/8 Team

First Name Last Name Average
Bryan Snyder 0:53
Kyle Van Houten 0:54
David Sanzone 0:56
Payton Stump 0:56
Justin DiNicola 0:56
Patrick McClancy 0:57
Nick Moskowski 0:58
Robert Mayer 0:59
Mike Mulqueen 1:00
Rob Walker 1:00
Peter Giannaris 1:00
Mike Dituri 1:02
Ryan Naughton 1:02
Jack Molloy 1:02
Trevor Tsang 1:02
Andrew Butkiewicz 1:04
Matt Koster 1:05
Nicholas D’Amico 1:15


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